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Facial and Skin Care Series 

Beauty & Personal Care

Skin Care - Face

Skin Care - Body

Face Wash

Weight loss

Beauty Equipment

Bust Plump And Toughen Series

Facial and Skin Care Series



Body Shaping Series

Spray、Multifunctional Series



High Frequency Electrotherapy Instrumen

Skin Scrubber & Ultrasonic Beauty
Care Instrument (B-790)
Massage Brush Instrument (B-811) Skin Scrubber & Ultrasonic Beauty
Care Instrument (BH-790P)

Multifunctional Living Skin Beauty
Face Appearance (BH-951)

Element Skincare Instrument (BH-3001)

Activate Skin Beauty Care Instrument (BH-8805)

Magic Rejuvenation Instrument (BH-8806)

Ultrasonic Skin Care Instrument (BH-8807

Ultrasonic & Galvanic (BH-8808)

No-needle Mesotherapy (BO-009)


Galvanic Beauty Instrument(BON-66)

Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument (BON-500)

Suitcase Ultrasonic Beauty Care
Instrument (BON-700)

Professional Ultrasonic Cosmetic
Instrument (BON-730AP)

Scrubber Skin Care Machine (BON-780)

Supersonic Beauty Care Instrument (BON-800)

Ultrasonic Eliminating Wrinkle
Beauty Care Instrument (BON-860P)

Skin Scrubber & Ultrasonic
& Galvanic (BON-931)

High-cycle Ozone Hair Care Instrument (BP-5000)

Mini High Frequency (BP-7000)

Supersonic Beauty Care Instrument (BT-200)

Soft Skin Appearance of Diamond (BT-9901)

Mini Elimination Freckle Instrument (IK-68)

4 Functions Beauty Machine (IK-9004)

Skin Care Purifier (PS-80)

Colorful Cold-heat Hammer (PS-306)

Portable Beauty Instrument (PS-737)

Carry-Home Beauty Instrument (PS-838)

RF 3.0

Radio Wave Skin Tightening Instrument (RF-315)


Radio Wave Skin Tightening Instrument (RF-335)



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